The 33 London Boroughs are eligible for full membership of the LTOA. The annual membership subscription is £948. Just return the subscription slip showing your intention to pay.

The London Borough of Camden will then invoice you because they hold the LTOA accounts.

Full Membership for London Boroughs 2018 - 2019 costs £948 - click here for the subscription slip


Full Member benefits


10% discount from Barcham Trees and Hillier Nurseries for LTOA members when tree purchase orders exceed £9K.


Tree Officers (this term includes Tree Managers) from Local Authorities which are Full Members have the opportunity to attend four LTOA seminars per year, at no additional cost. These cover a range of topics, and have recently included pests and diseases, climate change, subsidence, British Standards and new initiatives in urban tree management. Seminars can be noted on Personal Development Review files or other records such as Investors in People. In most cases, Full Members can send as many Tree Officers as they like to these seminars.

Full Members can have access to other seminars held by insurers and land management organisations either free of charge, or at a reduced cost. These seminars present Tree Officers with an invaluable opportunity to extend their personal working knowledge and gain a better understanding of best practice in terms of arboriculture, team management and contract management. This has proven to be particularly important for the development of inexperienced Tree Officers.

Full members are also entitled to attend the LTOA Annual General Meeting (AGM) and participate in any votes which may be undertaken at that time.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

LTOA seminars count as CPD for the following organisations and categories:

Arboricultural Association: Under category 'Conferences (C)' which includes conferences, seminars, workshops or other technical and professional events and meetings.

Institute of Chartered Foresters: Under 'Structured Learning' in the category for conferences, meetings, discussion groups and seminars organised by other bodies.

IEEM: Under 'Structured and Led Learning Events'.

RICS: Field meetings can be counted towards either 'Personal and Informal Learning' or may come under 'Courses, Conferences and Seminars’.

Guidance and support

Full Membership of the LTOA gives Tree Officers access to the Executive Officer - during normal office hours - to seek information and guidance with regard to any issues or general enquiries.

The LTOA provides a communication network for Tree Officers to access professional information and advice, as and when it is needed. This can be particularly important when dealing with unfamiliar areas of work, or when the anticipated reply is unpalatable. For example, you may want to cite the fact that other authorities deal with the same issue in a similar way. This could range from aphid, subsidence, storm and other damage; trip hazards; safety concerns or seasonal effects such as leaf fall and shading: subsidence claims or to the wide variety of tree maintenance specifications. The LTOA Executive Committee can discuss any issues with member Tree Officers and may issue a note of support if appropriate.

Other guidance includes:

  • Free benchmarking information for all London Boroughs, particularly useful in resource alignment, contract letting, and public realm management and award schemes, e.g. London in Bloom, Green Flag, ‘Total Place’ management.
  • Access to a professional and comprehensive website (, featuring a members only section and a members only discussion forum.
  • LTOA guidance documents for tree professionals, covering topics such as surface materials around trees in hard landscapes, the Risk Limitation strategy for tree root claims, CAVAT, OPM management, dog damage to trees and Canker Stain of Plane guidance.
  • LTOA information leaflets include cover subjects such as the benefits of trees, guidance for managing brown tail moth infestation, tree roots and structures, pruning, and high hedges to name a few.

Industry influence

The LTOA has an established presence on numerous groups including the Trees and Design Action Group (TDAG) and the London Tree Partnership, engaging with the wider industry about important subjects relating to urban tree management. The LTOA also represents Local Authority Tree Officers on British Standards Institution working groups including BS3998: Recommendations for tree work, BS5837: Trees in relation to construction, the new BS8545 on young tree establishment and the National Joint Utilities Group.

Members have the opportunity to join and initiate working parties to focus on current issues that are of concern to your Authority. Ongoing working parties include those investigating Oak Processionary Moth, biosecurity and trees & health to name but a few.


Membership of the LTOA frequently saves Tree Officers time and effort when replying to consultations that would otherwise require extensive research. This can be especially valuable where Freedom of Information requests and benchmarking require a rapid response.

The LTOA hosts and oversees the Joint Mitigation Protocol which is used for managing subsidence claims where trees are identified as a causal agent and the Capital Asset Valuation of Amenity Trees methodology which gives trees a monetary value. The former has had success in retaining trees that have recognised public benefit and verified that there is a significant number of relatively straightforward insurance claims that can be dealt with quickly and at reduced cost. This has subsequently led to a significantly reduced overall exposure to risk, and has freed up time to manage contentious or specious claims.

Voting rights

Full Member Tree Officers are entitled to vote in Executive Committee Elections every two years to determine the leadership of the LTOA. They are also entitled to vote in order to ratify or reject any amendments to the LTOA Constitution.

Job vacancies

As a full member your Local Authority can advertise job vacancies on the LTOA website for free.



How to Become a Member

Members can attend, for free, the LTOA meetings which are held four times a year and cover a wide range of tree related matters.

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